Introducing GigBee

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For Product Owners and Marketers

More than just technology.
Your Brand, Your Product, Our On-Demand Sales Team.

Easy Integration

White label platform, One API, leverage your existing marketing content.

A Nationwide Sales Team

Referrals from your customers and GigBee’s on-demand sales team.

Pay for Performance

Low-cost implementation. Pay when you add customers.

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83% of customers trust recommendations from friends and family. Learn how to incorporate referrals into your business strategy.

For Call Centers, Retail, and Freelancers

GigBee finds products and services for you to share with your friends and family.
Become a brand ambassador for your preferred companies.

Earn with your smartphone

You shouldn’t need a car, spare room, or toolbox to earn extra money in your spare time.

Tell friends and family about products and services

Get paid when you help others buy products and services.

Get cash and rewards

Deposit to your bank account, reloadable debit card, or buy a gift card. The choice is yours!

It’s time to get paid to talk about your favorite products.

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Share with Friends and Family

Share directly from the App or send invites via text and email.

Get Paid

When someone you shared with makes a purchase, you get paid.

Who should sign up for GigBee?

Ride Share Drivers

Earn money between rides by sharing products with your customers and friends.

Call Center and Retail Employees

Use your customer service and sales experience to help friends and family discover new products and get paid while doing it.

Direct Sellers and Network Marketers

You can sell thousands of products from top online retailers with GigBee.

Register for an early invite to GigBee and get in on the ground floor

Call center, retail, and gig economy employees can all earn extra money in their spare time with no up-front investment.

About GigBee

Have you ever shared something on Facebook or told a friend about a product and thought “they should pay me for this”? It’s from this statement that GigBee was born.

Founded in 2016 and based in Seattle, WA. GigBee is an app, referral platform, and on-demand sales team that rewards customers when they refer friends and family for your product or service. GigBee is completely disrupting the traditional value exchange between Brands, Media Companies, and Consumers. We recognize that now more than ever, individuals have the ability to influence a brand’s bottom line. For Brands, GigBee is an exciting new way to sell products and services online through a nationwide on-demand sales team.

GigBee is a subsidiary of HH Ventures. Founded in 2008, HH Ventures is the profitable, Iowa-based holding company behind successful brands like Ready Wireless and enTouch Wireless. GigBee is expanding HH Ventures capabilities from Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) and Lifeline Wireless Service into Referral Marketing Technology and the on-demand economy.